Are you divorced and have questions about divorce or remarriage?
Are you remarried with questions because of all the confusion infiltrating the church?
Don't let false teachings rob you of Gods plan for your life.

If you're looking for answers to specific questions our ~MDR Studies~ will have the answers. We have tried to harmonize every single detail from scripture, including harmonizing the Greek and Hebrew itself into a coherent whole along with the historical details while trying to keep everything as brief and as simplistic as possible for those who have families and jobs and simply do not have the time for researching this all out for themselves.

If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to email us. If you have a question that needs answering, odds are someone else has the same question, so we can add a study to the archives on the matter.
~A Note To Husbands~
I want to invite any who have come out of false teachings that condemn remarried brethren to the truth of Gods word to email me directly. I want you to know that we DO love you and the past is the past. The church welcomed Saul in with open arms when he found the truth and in the same manner we welcome any who have laid down these doctrines and have stopped falsely accusing the brethren.

For the rest of you who refuse to stop worshipping a god who does not exist, I ask you ~When did your god get serious about marriage?~
The linked article will explain in detail what I'm asking, and I'm certain that you will find a lot of arguments to try to reason your way out of accepting the point the article makes.